Qualifications in Christian Leadership

Course Location

Ridley College Campus Parkville & Online


16 months part time

Australian College of Theology
Accredited by the Australian College of Theology

Program Code


Program Level



Graduate Certificate of Christian Leadership
4 subjects (1 core & 3 electives)
48 credit points

Master of Theological Studies
8 subjects (with advanced standing)
96 credit points (with advanced standing)

Admission Requirements

  • Completed 3-year bachelor degree or equivalent OR Evidence of potential to complete graduate studies.
  • A minimum of four years relevant work experience.
  • Language Qualifications for NESB: IELTS 7.0 overall with a minimum of 7.0 in reading and writing, and 6.5 in listening and speaking OR 10 years in Australia with English being the language primarily spoken both at home and work.

The Ridley Centre for Leadership offers a Master of Theological Studies or a Graduate Certificate of Christian Leadership, accredited by the Australian College of Theology. These are flexible leadership development programs that build servant-hearted leadership that is skilled an effective.


PC154-812 Introduction to Christian Leadership (Core)

Lecturer: Prof. Sen Sendjaya
Intensive Dates: 21-23 Aug, 2023
Enrol by: 23 Jun, 2023
Intensive Location: Parkville Campus, Melbourne
Pre-reading available: 17 Jul, 2023
Assessment due: 4 Nov, 2023
Units: 12 credit points – 6,000 words of assessment

Explore the biblical foundations that inform Christian leadership with Prof. Sen Sendjaya who pioneered the study of servant leadership in Australia and internationally. He argues that preoccupation with the self is the fundamental reason leaders are blinded by power and control, create their own performance treadmill, live for the approval of others, and have myopic ambition. The unit outlines the dimensions of servant leadership and examines five areas of personal leadership effectiveness: (desire, identity, dignity, motive, and ambition). Delivered online and in a three-day intensive with practical assessments.

PC119-812/912 Experiential Leadership Development [through Sailing] (Elective)

Lecturer: Dr Tim Foster
Dates: To be advised
Location: Pittwater, NSW
Units: 12 credit points – 6,000 (level 8) or 7,000 (level 9) words of assessment
ACT Fee: To be advised

Developing leaders in the classroom is not easy. That’s why Ridley College offers this unique approach to leadership training.

Join us in Sydney for five days of intensive leadership development. This program will test and expand your leadership skills as you start as a beginner sailor, work in a team, and participate in increasingly demanding challenges. No prior sailing experience is necessary. This all takes place in the relatively calm and safe waters around Pittwater in Sydney’s north. Accommodation is on the yacht and in a waterfront cottage. Individual leadership coaching, team feedback and facilitated debriefing sessions are designed to help you discover your strengths, identify your blind spots and build your confidence as a leader.

About 25 hours of online leadership content and an initial assignment must be completed prior to the experience.

PC151-806/152-906 Personal Leadership Formation/Advanced Leadership Formation (Elective)

Lecturer: Dr Tim Foster
Location: Online & Zoom Coaching
Units: 6 credit points – 3,000 words of assessment per unit

This unit involves engagement with a professional leadership coach who will lead you through a semi-structured program on Zoom for an hour each month to promote reflection, action and growth. You will address workplace issues in new ways as you refine skills learnt in the course, enhance your leadership style and achieve significant results in your work. A ‘step up’ segment will give you new opportunities to extend yourself and put your growing capability to the test.

PC138-812/912 Leading People, Teams and Yourself (Core)

Lecturer: Dr Jenny George, Yvette McDonald & Dr Tim Foster
Course Dates: 17-19 Aug, 2022
Location: Parkville Campus, Melbourne (Blended)
Pre-reading available: 18 Jul, 2022
Assessment due: 21 Oct, 2022
Units: 12 credit points – 7,000 words of assessment

This unit is a comprehensive introduction to managing others and yourself. Enhance the performance of your teams through developing skills in human resource management, communication, and conflict management. By developing key personal characteristics such as emotional intelligence, active listening, negotiation, and self-management you will grow in your effectiveness and confidence. Delivered online with a three-day intensive and practical assessments.

PC146-804 Women in Leadership A, B & C (Elective)

Lecturer: Various
Course Dates: 18-19 Mar, 2022
Location: Parkville Campus, Melbourne
Assessment due: 6 Oct, 2022
Units: 12 credit points – 2,350 words of assessment for each 4 cp unit

This unit involves attending the annual Ridley Women in Leadership symposium. Pre-reading and post-symposium reflective assignments also form key aspects of your learning.

Women in Leadership B may be taken the following year at the next symposium following the same approach. Women in Leadership C is an online, self-paced unit on the theology of women in leadership available from semester 1, 2023.

PC052 Skills for Christian Leadership A

Lecturer: Various
Course Dates: Various
Location: Zoom or Parkville Campus, Melbourne
Assessment due: 1 Nov, 2022
Units: 6 credit points

Choose any three of our Masterclasses to build vital leadership skills. Masterclasses

You will also read a book on the topic and complete an assignment for each class. The 1,000 word assignment requires you to assess the particular challenges that you face in your ministry context related to the class. Drawing on a critical analysis of your research and the material presented, you will design an intervention that addresses these challenges. A final 750 word assignment will be a reflection on the impact of your learning from that semester in your ministry so far.