Recruiting the Right People (Online)

Course Location

Online Live Zoom Webinar


4 hours


Thurs 8 Sept, 2022


Yvette McDonald, Elixan Consulting


  • Thurs 8 Sept, 2022


$240 (Ministry Worker price: $95) plus $55 for Card Set

Ever had that sinking feeling that you hired the wrong person? They seemed awesome in the interview, but somehow you missed their interpersonal skills under pressure. Or perhaps you don’t need to recruit a new team member and would like to gain some tools and techniques to ensure you use a good process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use the Christian Leadership Framework to create a Candidate Profile
  • Develop discerning interview questions
  • Structure a recruitment process

Take home tools for participants:

  • Christian Leadership Framework Card set (valued at $A55)
  • A guide to interviews – including over 200 interview questions
  • Role description template
  • Candidate profile template
  • Interview guide template
  • Reference Check template