Ridley Centre for Leadership

Leader 360 Survey

The Ridley Centre for Leadership’s Leader 360 Assessment is a diagnostic instrument to enhance a leader’s self-awareness, identify key strengths, and determine areas for growth and development.

The assessment works on the principle of multi-level feedback as a basis for enhanced self-awareness and targeted improvement. The responders will be a mix of direct reports, subordinates, members or directors – anyone who is in a position to observe your leadership.

The report and facilitation helps leaders to:

  • Better understand strengths and weaknesses in key aspects of leadership competency and behaviour;
  • Set a baseline against which future changes/improvements can be measured;
  • Identify specific training and learning opportunities to make changes and improvements.

The Leader 360 Assessment is based on the Ridley Leader Capability Framework. This framework has been developed through a series of consultations with Christian leaders in denominational, educational and organisational contexts. It is informed by academic and professional literature, studies and validated leadership models. It applies to leadership at a range of levels and a wide variety of organisations.

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