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Edward Vaughan


On Power Part One: I’m Not Going To Use It

A woman walks into her local medical practice and sits in the waiting room while she waits for her appointment with the doctor. She picks up her phone and idly scrolls through a social media app when she looks up to scan the other patients in the room. Her eyes glance over her fellow patients, who look, truth be told, unremarkable.

By Edward Vaughan - Jul 2021

Conflict Management

On Power Part Two: If Another Member Of The Church Sins Against Us

This is a story that is all too familiar. A woman in a Christian organisation approaches the Chair of the Board for help because she believes she has been subjected to sexual harassment. Her male line manager has made jokes and comments that left her feeling very uncomfortable. At some work-related social events, his physical contact felt invasive to her. Some of his texts seem to have crossed the line between being friendly and being creepy. She decides she needs some help to deal with this situation.

By Edward Vaughan - Oct 2021


On Power Part Three: Power That Is Polished And Precise

A young church planter is attending a conference on mission which has been put on by an organisation that is promotes gospel growth and evangelism. Every session has been challenging, engaging and encouraging.
But then the MC announces the topic for the next session: ‘Now we are going to hear from a church leader who has years of experience in church governance.’
Our young church planter reaches for their phone and starts to post on Instagram about the church they dream of starting. Meanwhile, in the background the intricacies of how to encourage healthy organisational practice drifts into the ether…

By Edward Vaughan - Mar 2022