Plunder the Egyptians June 2021

Dr. Tim Foster - 17 June 2021

Articles and blogs
‘Measuring what matters in nonprofits’ by John Sawhill and David Williamson
McKinsey & Company
Metrics are the most basic tool for management. And yet nonprofits struggle to know what to measure. Is it the BOS-DIP (bums on seats and dollars in the plate), spiritual health and maturity.

Must-Read Books
Chuck DeGroat, When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Spiritual and Emotional Abuse. IVP 2020.
The church should be the last place toxic leadership shows up – yet there are reasons why churches are a magnet for narcissistic leaders.

From the Vault
‘Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?’ by David Collis and Michael G. Rukstad
Harvard Business Review – April 2008
You probably have a vision and mission statement shaping the direction of your church or Christian organisation. But what about a strategy statement? In many ways this is a more useful tool as it shapes decisions and organisational behaviour on a daily basis. This article explains how to develop and use strategy statements to great effect. It will need more translation for the Christian context than other articles, as language such as ‘competitive advantage’ is not really part of our lexicon. But that is the point of ‘plundering the Egyptians’. We take the best of what they have and use it for God’s glory.