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Decision Making

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

We’re living in a moment in history when this maxim is ever before us. In leadership, all of us will face moments when we will be damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Stephen Hale helps us face these moments with renewed confidence.

By Bishop Stephen Hale - Mar 2021

Decision Making

Making fast (humble) decisions

The biggest mistake of my career, when judged by the financial loss that resulted, was delaying a decision. We had a division of the company that didn’t fit strategically into the rest of the organisation and that was hamstrung by tight government regulation.

By Jenny George - Jun 2021


Second Chances

There are good reasons for giving employees a second chance. Jenny George explains why, when and how to offer a second chance and promote growth, creativity and innovation.

By Jenny George - Mar 2021