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Second Chances

There are good reasons for giving employees a second chance. Jenny George explains why, when and how to offer a second chance and promote growth, creativity and innovation.

By Jenny George - Mar 2021


An ‘Audience of One’

It was the strangest subject I had ever taken. Called ‘Advanced Strategic Leadership’, it was the last place I expected to learn a simple technique that empowered me to play for an audience of one and discover freedom and renewed Christ-centeredness as a result.

By Dr. Tim Foster - Mar 2021


On Power Part One: I’m Not Going To Use It

A woman walks into her local medical practice and sits in the waiting room while she waits for her appointment with the doctor. She picks up her phone and idly scrolls through a social media app when she looks up to scan the other patients in the room. Her eyes glance over her fellow patients, who look, truth be told, unremarkable.

By Edward Vaughan - Jul 2021


Why Leaders Need to Stop Being True to Themselves

No one wants to be accused of being inauthentic, especially a leader. Authentic leadership has been lauded for building better relationships, higher levels of trust, greater productivity and a more positive working environment. Conversely, leaders who wear masks are said to undermine trust, reduce their effectiveness, and become psychologically conflicted.

By Dr. Tim Foster - Sep 2021


Gaining A Realistic Sense Of Self

All leaders have to go through the process of sorting out who they are and what they are capable of. More often than not, this is by trial and error. As younger leaders, we will be offered more responsibility over time. This reflects the principle Jesus proposed that ‘if you have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.’ Matthew 25:21

A key question is whether there is a biblical framework for thinking about this key area that impacts everyone.

By Bishop Stephen Hale - Oct 2021


On Power Part Three: Power That Is Polished And Precise

A young church planter is attending a conference on mission which has been put on by an organisation that is promotes gospel growth and evangelism. Every session has been challenging, engaging and encouraging.
But then the MC announces the topic for the next session: ‘Now we are going to hear from a church leader who has years of experience in church governance.’
Our young church planter reaches for their phone and starts to post on Instagram about the church they dream of starting. Meanwhile, in the background the intricacies of how to encourage healthy organisational practice drifts into the ether…

By Edward Vaughan - Mar 2022


Toxic Leaders at Work

The driving force behind toxic leaders is their deep personal insecurity. Because they are easily threatened they surround themselves with people who support only their ideas and decisions, and ‘punish’ those who question their leadership.


The Gift of Stress, Suffering and Opposition

I have a vivid memory of a talented friend reading this passage from the book of James in the Ridley College chapel when we were both bright-eyed young students. He put on a wonderfully joyous tone for that sober reading. Yes, it was a bit of hammed-up comedy. It got the laughs. Years later, still in ministry but broken, in tears, and suffering from shingles, he was only just clinging on to the truth of those eternal words. Gospel leadership entails deep suffering.

By Dr Wei-Han Kuan - Jun 2022


The Hopeful Leader

In recent decades the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania has embarked on a journey of revitalisation, moving from a 30% membership decline in the 1990s, ironically during its “Decade of Evangelism”, to renewal in the 21st century. The diocese has gone against the national trend in traditional denominations of continued decline and aging. Some parishes have seen significant growth from a low base, many have commenced a children’s or youth ministry or appointed a paid minister for the first time in decades, and the average age of clergy has decreased markedly. There’s a fair way to go, but the signs are promising.

By Stephen Carnaby - Oct 2022