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Leadership Styles

Becoming a Cultural Historian

Culture is easily understood as “the way we do things around here”. Gaining an appreciation for this in any community that we lead, will often be a predictor of success. If you ignore or misunderstand how a community does things, and then act in a way that is contrary to this culture, conflict is an inevitable result.

By Bishop Richard Condie - Jul 2021

Leadership Styles

Are You Creating A Leadership Vacuum?

The Board looked at each other with dismay as they realised they needed to recruit externally to replace the retiring CEO. After 10 years in the role the CEO had done an outstanding job in establishing and growing the ministry. However, the one gap he left was not raising up his own replacement to take the ministry into its next era.

By Yvette McDonald - Jul 2021

Leadership Styles

Team First

We all know (hopefully) the joy of being a part of a team and working hard together and seeing great things happen. The question for this article is whether we associate this simple and key idea with church teams, and in particular church staff teams (and Christian not for profits for that matter).

By Bishop Stephen Hale - Apr 2022

Leadership Styles

Attending to Culture in Leading Change

Leaders are usually trying to bring change to organisations to make them more effective in reaching their objectives. A good leader has a clear picture of the kind of future they want for the people they lead. They know the destination and realise that the group cannot remain the same if they are going to move to the new situation.

By Bishop Richard Condie - Aug 2022